War, Peace, Liberty

Jacob Huebert, author of Libertarianism Today and fellow TLS writer, gave a superb talk this past weekend on libertarianism and war at the fourth annual Students for Liberty Austin Conference. In short, Jacob argues that a consistent position against all aggression implies that one must also oppose wars of all kinds.

Perhaps my favorite talk at the conference this weekend was “Why Libertarianism is the Only Moral Choice” by Lawrence Reed of the Foundation for Economic Education. In his presentation, Reed tells the story of great men and women who devoted their lives toward the promotion of liberty in the world. It is eloquent and inspiring, and I hope you will take some time to listen intently.

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  • Libertarianism is never offered as an option by the media because they know people would overwhelmingly choose it over the two party scam. This is why I am so excited that Rand Paul may run in 2016. We have an excellent opportunity to finish what Ron Paul started. Rand knows how to frame the message for the average person. The establishment will not be able to do to him what they did to his father.