New Book: Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting

A new book has just been released, Everything Voluntary: From Politics to Parenting. Edited by Skyler Collins, it’s also free on Scribd and for PDF download. Here’s my back-cover blurb:

This book contains a very useful, well-organized, and carefully selected set of essays centered around the idea of human liberty, what Hazlitt called “cooperatism” [Foundations of Morality, p. xii] and what the editor calls “voluntaryism.” In addition to covering the basics of politics and economics, the book contains a large number of essays devoted to education and parenting. This decision makes pertect sense, when we realize that our children and the ideas they are exposed to are the greatest hope for liberty in generations to come. I highly recommend this excellent volume, for beginners, activists, and seasoned libertarians.