The Market Is Awesome. News At 11.

Yesterday I found myself on the grocery store parking lot with a dead car battery, a trunk full of perishable and a toddler in the back seat. The following times/events are taken from my phone’s history.

  • 10:03am – Called my wife to come get us.
  • 10:05am – Called roadside to get a jump.
  • 10:24am – Service dispatched. I get a text meesage with contact info for the company coming.
  • 10:40am – Service arrives
  • 10:43am – Battery checked. Totally dead. Car is started.

Then I drive across the street and buy a new battery at an auto parts store. Within seconds of purchase it gets installed. I am back home shortly after.

Too bad trying to get things done within the government system of bureaucracy is nowhere near as pleasant or efficient.