Subscribe to the Libertarian Standard on Your Kindle

I’m pleased to announce that you can now subscribe to the Libertarian Standard on your Kindle ereader.

Simply follow the link to the product page or click on the ad-button below, in the sidebar, or at the bottom of each post.

Amazon sets the price, which is currently at $0.99/month, with a 14-day free trial.

We get a cut of 30%, which will go toward operating costs: domain registration, hosting, and the like.

If you have a Kindle ereader — not an app, sorry, but the physical device (the service is limited to them for the time being) — consider the advantage of subscribing to the Libertarian Standard. Posts will be delivered to your Kindle wirelessly (when you’re connected) when they’re published on the site. You’ll be able to read our commentary and analysis, as well as the syndicated Mimi & Eunice comics, at your leisure on a lightweight, very portable device, in sunlight, away from a decent wireless or 3G/4G connection. Good for commutes, plane flights, camping trips, and similar situations in which you’re not consistently connected to the world via the internet and can’t reach our site — particularly if you don’t own a 3G/4G-connected tablet pc and don’t like reading on a computer screen or lugging around your heavy laptop.

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  • No offense but you need more than one post every couple of weeks to make it worth that subscription.

    • We appreciate the feedback, Iain. But we don’t think that count is accurate. If you look at the archives, and even ignoring this post and the Mimi & Eunice posts, we’ve been averaging a minimum of 8 posts per month (or 2 posts per week minimum). Actually, our slowest month was 11 posts total, the next slowest 15. Granted, we’ve sometimes gone a week or more between posts, but we’ve made up for it to some degree by publishing several posts in relatively quick succession. Ideally we’d spread the posts out more, to be sure, but I think the reality is better than having fewer posts.

      I’m sorry to hear that you don’t think that’s worth $1 per month. Personally, I think Matthew Alexander’s post last month is worth $1 all by itself. But to each his own. No one is forcing you to subscribe. Maybe only a small percentage of our readers will think the price is right. That’s fine. Maybe none will. In any case, we do appreciate any non-monetary support you can give us too, such as sharing our posts and recommending our site to new readers.

      We’re providing another way for our readers to read our posts. As I noted above, Amazon sets the price. We don’t have the option of making the subscription free. As things stand, it’d be nice if we could make a little money to cover operating costs. We don’t expect to make a boatload of cash on this Kindle subscription service.

      You’re right about one thing though, we haven’t been posting as much lately as we used to. I’d like to see us blog more often. But most of us have jobs and families and other commitments that we’ve been rather busy with lately. More feedback on our posts wouldn’t hurt though, to egg us on.

  • I’m just saying. I love the posts that exist, but I’d really love to see a lot more. By the way, your dissertation was incredibly fascinating. I exaggerated a little, but even at 2 a week that’s rather low.

    • I’d like to see more posts on TLS too. Thanks for the compliment on my dissertation. 🙂