America’s Militarized Culture

A friend sent me Bob Murphy’s recent wall post:

Robert Murphy was flipping through the TV in the hotel room. On the History channel they were celebrating a sniper who apparently just broke the record for the longest kill shot. (He hit a Taliban guy from over a mile away.) They were interviewing him like he just won a hot dog eating contest. Regardless of your views on foreign policy, that is just sick.

My $.02:  Despite the paleo praise of “the white man” and his culture, the fact is that “white people” have been, are, and seem determined to be nothing but a bunch of self-aggrandizing barbarians. The military culture is the cause, not the effect here.  We are talking about a group of people that, for most of their history, saw nothing wrong with killing each other for sport.  This is just the latest incarnation of that “glorious” cultural tradition.