Article: Five Months of Packing Heat

Several months ago I made the decision to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, because I wanted to have another level of protection for me and for my family as we go about our business around town.

I will not talk about the permit process, whether you should get one, or about any libertarian implications of licking the state’s boot to obtain permission to carry metals and chemicals on one’s person. You are on your own about that. Instead, I will simply, and briefly, go through the various trials and tribulations that I went through.

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Afterwards, discuss it below.

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  • I also live in Florida and am in the process of getting my CW permit. One other think I’d like to mention is that when carrying in a pocket, don’t carry anything else in that pocket. Keys, change, wallet, none of that.

    I’m curious as to what other guns you tried. My initial instinct was for the LCP just like you, but after firing one I found that it is in fact so small I was worried about it coming out of my hand when fired. I did like the Ruger LCR revolver though. The one I’m ultimately going with is the Sig p232 – still easily concealable in a pocket but with a grip large enough I’m not worried about having it fly away.

    I’d be interested to hear your experiences with the LCP as I may still investigate that route in the future.