Not One But Two Sprinklers Per Tree

The entrance to the neighborhood where we live is very well designed and maintained, complete with manicured lawns, ponds and fountains. Just recently, while on a run, I noticed that each tree was being irrigated. Not by hand of course. Not even by one sprinkler. There were two of them–two very small sprinklers slowly misting the roots of the tree.

How great that thanks to capital accumulation it is possible to have these little wonders of the market.

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  • What would Thorstein Veblen say?

    Seems like two SMALL sprinklers is INCONSPICUOUS consumption, to me, and far more effective than hiring a Mexican with a watering can.

  • Heh. Actually the trees are rather large so one sprinkler seems that either would have been not sufficient to get both sides, or, to get both sides, would have used a lot of water just to get around the root. Thus, two small, quietly misting sprinklers does the job quite well.