We’re on Facebook and Twitter

For those who don’t already know – we’re on Facebook and Twitter. You can become fans of The Libertarian Standard on our Facebook fan page. All of our posts are partially re-posted there with a teaser and link to the full post; you can “like” the posts, share them with friends on Facebook, discuss them, and more. You can also follow us on our official Twitter account — libstandard — where you’ll receive  announcements of all our blogposts as soon as they are posted, and other updates besides. We created a Twitter list of our personal accounts — those of us on Twitter at least — that you can follow as well; it is displayed in the widget to the right. There is now a “Follow Me” button on the right side of our site with links to our Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Finally, we’ve made it possible for you to easily subscribe to The Libertarian Standard’s rss feed as well as individual author and category rss feeds.