We are — for the most part — Austrian and Rothbardian-influenced libertarians. We love justice, individual liberty, civilization, and truth. We hate the State, war, and militarism, which are the enemy of these things. We love prosperity, property rights, and capitalism; we oppose mercantilism, fascism, and protectionism. We are neither left nor right: we are libertarians. And we are:

The Regulars

  • Isaac Bergman — A father of two that loves economics, philosophy, philology, ice-skating, programming, SciFi/Fantasy novels, the Talmud and not necessarily in that order.
  • Stephan Kinsella — Attorney, author, editor of Libertarian Papers.
  • Manuel Lora — Photographer, dad, Peruvian; multimedia guy.
  • Brian Martinez — software developer and occasional blogger.
  • Geoffrey Allan Plauché (Webmaster, Former Articles Editor) — Geoffrey is an Aristotelian-Liberal political philosopher, an adjunct instructor for Buena Vista University, and the founder and executive editor of Prometheus Unbound: A Libertarian Review of Speculative Fiction and Literature. His work has appeared in Libertarian Papers, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, the Journal of Value Inquiry, and Transformers and Philosophy. He lives in Edgewood, KY with his wife and two children.
  • Lucy Steigerwald — Freelance journalist and photographer and sometimes-poet. Previously an associate editor for Reason magazine and more previously still an intern for Pittsburgh City Paper.
  • Wirkman Virkkala — Freelance editor and Locofoco propagandist.
  • Robert Wicks — Unix sysadmin in Atlanta and I got a cup full of haterade for the state.

The Irregulars

  • Akiva — Is an observantly Jewish Austro-Libertarian.  Stereotypically, despite his legal background, Akiva works in finance.
  • Wilt Alston — A runner, a biker, a husband, a dad. Often happy, seldom sad. Writes on occasion, ponders more often. Uses old-school shaving cream, his beard to soften.
  • Dick ClarkViolin-playing activist Christian lawyer, proselytizing anarchocapitalist, and gun enthusiast.
  • Norman Horn — Christian grad student.
  • Jacob Huebert — Attorney, law professor, author of Libertarianism Today.
  • Wendy McElroy — Editor, ifeminists.com.
  • Ryan McMaken — Economist and college instructor.
  • Matt Mortellaro — Student, activist, and employee of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance.
  • Jeffrey Tucker — Executive Editor, Laissez Faire Books; Editorial Consultant, Ludwig von Mises Institute.


  • Michael Barnett — Writes about economics, politics, culture, and sports from his perspective as an Austrian School economist, anarchist, libertarian, father, and expatriate living in Sicily.
  • Vijay Boyapati — Former Google Engineer pursuing an independent study in Austrian Economics.
  • Brutus — The pseudonym of a libertarian residing in Washington, DC. He also blogs at Who’s Your Nanny?
  • David C. — Degree in Math, Minor in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. 20 years of industry experience in fortune 50 companies and high-tech startups, having various responsibilities as a programmer or sysadmin. Strong Linux fan and early adopter, long time anti-copyright/patent promoter. Strong supporter of Austrian economics, free markets, and Libertarian principles in general.
  • Juan Fernando Carpio — Teaches Austrian Economics and Libertarian Political Thought at USFQ, Ecuador. Loves Pink Floyd, interesting women and fishing.
  • Justina Clark — Displaced Southerner, graduate school recruitment administrator.
  • Daniel Coleman (Former Articles Editor) — Grad student, editor, Thomist.
  • Gil Guillory — Engineer, manager, entrepreneur.
  • Anthony Gregory — Researcher for Independent Institute, editor for Campaign for Liberty, bassist in melatones, radical libertarian, fan of food and culture.
  • William Norman Grigg — Publishes the Pro Libertate blog and hosts the Pro Libertate radio program. He is a Christian Individualist, husband, father, and self-appointed pundit.
  • David J. Heinrich — Libertarian anarcho-capitalist, photographer, tennis-lover.