Anarchy 101 at Lebanon Valley College

Well, technically, Anarchy 100, a seminar at Lebanon Valley College. I was alerted by a friend to this interesting course by Michael Kitchens, an Assistant Professor of Psychology. The reading materials include many articles and books from Austro-anarchists such as Roderick Long, Bob Murphy, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Anthony Gregory, Tom DiLorenzo, Lew Rockwell, Rothbard, and myself. This is cool. The reading list would make a good book. From the course page:



Introductory Essays on Anarchy

The State & Anarchy 

Market Anarchy

Justice Anarchy

Defense  & Security

Roads & Highways

Civilization, Culture, & Life

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  • This is amazing! I wish they had this in my university. I am surprised that he isn’t touching more on the 19th c anarchists, though, or even engaging with those on the left (I say this because it is titled Anarchy, not Anarcho-Capitalism).

    A few mistakes in the links: An Intro to Austrian Economics and Goods, Scare & NonScarce.