Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom

My friend Tom Woods has just launched an exciting new educational platform: Liberty Classroom, the tagline of which is: “The History They Didn’t Teach You.” As the website explains:

The intellectual battle for the free society is on. Liberty Classroom’s ambitious goal is to equip as many ambassadors of liberty as possible with the knowledge they need to win that battle. We take a machete to the comic-book version of U.S. and European history most of us learned in school. We don’t believe the version of events that credits government with all the good things of civilization, that insists we’d be lost without the political class, and that warns us of the wickedness and exploitation to be found in the voluntary sector of society.

We believe in freedom. And that’s what we teach at Liberty Classroom.

We’re starting with history, but watch for other subjects to come.

Win more debates. Spread the message more effectively. Understand the world better. Learn from — and interact with — some of the most respected and accomplished scholars in the liberty movement. Join today!

Initial courses include:

Congratulations and good luck to Tom!

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