A New Libertarian Publication: The Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom

Update: The Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom now has its own web page: www.la.org.au/journal.

As the post below, from Liberty Australia, notes, another scholarly libertarian journal is in the works. It joins existing journals such as Libertarian Papers, The Independent Review, and Reason Papers, as another outlet for scholarly articles on the topic of liberty and related fields like Austrian economics, with a focus on Australia.

By Sukrit Sabhlok
Wed, 04/01/2012 – 3:35am
Wed, 04/01/2012 – 3:35am

To mark the historic Mises Seminar in Sydney, Liberty Australia is launching The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom. It will be dedicated to Austrian economics, revisionist history, legal arguments from an individualist perspective and other topics not adequately addressed by the IPA Review and Policy. The primary focus will be on Australia, although analysis of other countries is welcome too.

Journals are typically peer-reviewed, so I will maintain a list of referees with expertise in the specialist topics covered by the review. If you are interested in acting as a referee please shoot me an email.

Information for Contributors

Frequency: once a year.

Distribution: Published and distributed online. A print copy can be ordered through Amazon.com. I can also set up a regular subscription system, for those who prefer it to be automatically posted to them.

Submissions are sought for:

(1) Research articles up to 5000 words in length;

(2) commentaries up to 3000 words

(3) book reviews of between 800-2000 words.

The citation format used is the Cambridge Style, so please make sure submissions conform to this.

There’s no deadline: submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

If you’d like to be a volunteer editor, have graphic design skills or want to donate time or money in other ways, do get in touch.