Unions + Cops = Bad

From The Herald Tribune:

Thousands of Florida officers remain on the job despite arrests or evidence implicating them in crimes that could have landed them in prison, a Herald-Tribune investigation has found.

Even those officers with multiple offenses have been given chance after chance through a disciplinary system that has been reshaped in their favor by the state’s politically influential police unions. As a result, officers around Florida carry personnel files that are anything but heroic.

Looks like “our” public “servants” are, once again, given resources that normal people do not have. Imagine committing a crime and be not just sent home (“administrative leave”), sometimes with full pay, but sent back to your job and life as if nothing had happened. Yes, they do work for us indeed.

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  • heroic scare quotes. FYLR!!!

  • One could with a little imagination conclude that the purpose of these police unions are threefold. 1) to undermine the constitution of United Stated and thereby increase conviction rates and incarceration in the society. 2) to lessen liability and disciplinary actions in wrongful arrests and in wrongful death cases. 3) to counter attack any person who opposes increase in police funding. The latter is evident by Google search: “police union tax evasion”. Rather than finding busted police union administrators one will find a pattern of targeting citizens.