Top 10 Reasons Why the Mafia is Better than the State

Fantastic, radical, and true. Delivered by someone named “Emily,” this was the winning rant at the Soapbox Idol competition from Porcfest 2011. Porcfest is short for the Porcupine Freedom Festival which is held annually in NH by the Free State Project. The judges panel included Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio, Carla Gericke of the FSP, and Adam Kokesh of Adam Vs The Man.

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  • The state lends money only to it’s friends and supporters and forces everyone else to make up the difference when they aren’t paid back. The Mafia will lend money to almost anyone, regardless of race, creed, political connections or anything other than ability to repay. In the event on nonpayment the costs are bourne entirely by the individual mafiosi and the debtor.

  • So how does one join the mafia?