Good Guys and Bad Guys in the Media Biz

I and some friends are trying to compile a list of various notable musicians, artists, and the like who are more or less good on copyright, and those who are particularly bad. For “good” we mean they explicitly oppose copyright or at least fight for their fans and against some of the excesses of draconian copyright. For the bad, we mean those who use the power of the state to attack their fans and/or hypocrites who pretend to be for peace and love and condemn capitalism and commercialism while greedily condoning the use of state copyright law to persecute innocent people. I’ll list a few on both sides below; other suggestions or comments are welcome as are any links documenting the good/bad IP status of individuals listed below; I’ll update this list from time to time.



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  • # Metallica
    # Metallica…

    lmao. Oh yes, they deserve to be mentioned twice.

    • Btw, your link to the Weird Al youtube:
      “This video contains content from Vevo, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. ”

      Oh the irony.

  • British singer Joss Stone doesn’t care about piracy: