LOL@Democrats, Obama Voters

The total destruction of the Democrats has arrived with Obama. Obama, that great “progressive” has turned out to be quite like his hated predecessor. Indeed, the Obama administration is appealing a recent gay marriage ruling preventing federal government ban on same-sex marriage. Between that, wars, Guantánamo, spying, severe weakening of habeas corpus, new presidential powers, threats of censoring the internet, endless banking and health care corporatism and support of the drug war, the modern Democrat has lost. By now they must either be ignorant of what is going or do not care, or think that Obama is “really trying”. Pu-leez. Vote and cover your ears. Oh hey–this is what Republicans do as well!

The problem, of course, goes beyond the president. Decades of entrenched socialism and fascism (perhaps “corporatism” is a better term), not to mention warmongering, has become the status quo. It is the state that is to blame. And there is only so much a single person can do (no offense “hope” and “change”), which today is very little given the size and complexity of the federal government.

So with that, I just wanted to ask, in a loud and ridiculing tone, “Now WHO looks ridiculous for not voting?” LOL@U, Obama voter.

(Don’t worry. I will mock Republicans soon enough. As it is always with American politics, the worst is yet to come.)

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