Tea partiers will fall for anything

Tom Tancredo today boasted a variety of endorsements he has received from local tea party organizers in his bid for the governorship in Colorado. I won’t bore you with the details, but Tancredo, a Republican member of Congress until 2009, launched a campaign as an independent demagogue after he decided the GOP nominee was not to his liking.

Now, I have no idea how representative these tea party organizers are of the rank-and-file tea partier, but I do know that Tancredo has spoken at local tea party events and has been cheered.

What’s interesting is that Tancredo was the only GOP member of the Colorado Congressional delegation that voted for the TARP Bailout. So, Tancredo, who voted for the greatest taxpayer ripoff in American history, goes to tea party events where he recites something about the virtues of small governments, and then receives thunderous applause.

Tancredo, who supported the legislation that stole almost a trillion dollars from the taxpayers and handed it over to Goldman Sachs and friends, now lectures the American people on the need for smaller government.Probably no other piece of legislation in recent memory galvanized and defined the party of liberty in America more than the TARP bailout and the opposition to it. It was the legislation that revved up the non-stop fleecing of the American public to about triple its normal speed. And with the support of Tom Tancredo.

The tea party types here are making excuses for him because Tancredo now says that voting for TARP was a mistake. How courageous. He voted for TARP because that required no courage, and now he’s disavowing his vote because that requires no courage. What a magnificent display of principle!

But, hey, tea partiers, I’m sure that, even though he voted for the biggest big government piece of legislation in decades, because Goldman Sachs told him to, that doesn’t mean he won’t be a staunch opponent of big government on everything else. Right? Keep dreaming, tea partiers.

Hey, remember when all those Republicans slashed the size of government after they got control of Congress back in 1994? Remember when George W. Bush didn’t double the size of amount of federal spending in 8 years? Wasn’t that great?

Oh wait, none of those things happened? Well, I’m sure your voting into office all the exact same people, like Tancredo, who gave us the bloated government and bailouts of the last decade will suddenly act in the exact opposite way now. It’s sure to happen.

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  • A snowjob is in progress on the Wikipedia page for TARP:
    Yesterday the second sentence said that the cost was “no more than $6 billion.” Today, that’s revised to “close to $30 billion.”
    Lest you stumble in costing “TARP” when you really mean “bailout,” read William Isaac’s clarification of the real numbers:

  • More proof of the incestuousness of Tancredo’s TARP vote lies in the fact that Tancredo was “all in” with the ultimate Wall Street insider Bernie Maddoff. Tancreado lost his cherished fortune which he garnered mostly by spouting courageous words in favor of immigration reform. Too bad he never backed up those words with any meaningful action.

    That could explain why he urgently wants to get back onto the government nipple.