Paley & Doctorow argue over Non-Commercial licenses

Nina Paley, a creative artist and anti-copyright innovator, creator of Sita Sings the Blues (see The Creator-Endorsed Mark as an Alternative to Copyright; Interview: Nina Paley on Copyright; Nina Paley’s “All Creative Work is Derivative”; Power to the Pixel 2009: Nina Paley), has posted on her blog a fascinating exchange with Cory Doctorow about the merits of using the Creator-Endorsed Mark (see my post The Creator-Endorsed Mark as an Alternative to Copyright) instead of more restrictive, copyright-based licenses.

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  • From Nina’s post:

    If getting money for the artist is the primary concern, the Creator Endorsed Mark should offer reassurance, as should my own experience. You said that my experience with Sita offers “only one data point,”

    Funny that Cory said that. Couldn’t the same thing be said of his Creative Commons ebook experiment?