Mimi & Eunice: Libertarian Debate

[Here’s another strip that isn’t about IP but we picked it out anyway because it’s good for a movement to laugh at itself once in a while. This strip brings to mind the famous incident related by Milton Friedman in which Ludwig von Mises — during a discussion about the progressive income tax at a Mont Pelerin Society meeting in 1947, comprised of Friedrich Hayek, Friedman, and others — stood up, announced “You’re all a bunch of socialists!” and stormed out. (Also recounted in Lew Rockwell’s Mises and Liberty; Long’s Mises as Radical, and in Guido Hülsmann’s Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism, p. 871.) — GAP]

The Libertarian Ludwig von Mises Institute produces some of the finest, most lucid writing against Intellectual Pooperty anywhere. This cartoon is more about what happens in its blog comments.


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  • haha. No offense, L. Neil Smith.