A Critique of Frank van Dun’s “Against Libertarian Legalism”

The Belgian libertarian legal theorist Frank van Dun, author of the great “Argumentation Ethics and The Philosophy of Freedom,”1 in 2003 authored “Against Libertarian Legalism: A Comment on Kinsella and Block.” This generated Walter Block’s Reply to “Against Libertarian Legalism” by Frank van Dun and my Reply to van Dun: Non-Aggression and Title Transfer.

A fairly lengthy and critical comment on van Dun’s “Against Libertarian Legalism” was just posted at Answering Van Dun about the Non-Aggression Principle. The author would probably also disagree with some of van Dun’s “Freedom and Property: Where They Conflict.”

Update: See also Van Dun on Freedom versus Property and Hostile Encirclement; and The Blockean Proviso.

  1. Libertarian Papers, 2009; see also my posts Van Dun on Argumentation Ethics and Revisiting Argumentation Ethics, and Walter Block, Reply to Frank van Dun’s “Natural Law and the Jurisprudence of Freedom”