Robert Bork poised to do something uninteresting

Have you ever wondered what happened to Robert Bork? Neither have I. Today, the big media outlets breathlessly reported that Robert Bork opposes the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan.

This wouldn’t be reported at all if Bork were simply some other aging federal judge. Bork isn’t a famous person anymore, and he’s not particularly influential in the Conservative movement from where he occasionally mutters something about something.

The fact that his opposition to Kagan is being reported simply provides us with an excellent illustration of how the media reduces everything to a matter of melodrama and personality conflict.

Why do we care that Bork opposes Kagan? Oh, because he was rejected for a Supreme Court seat by the Senate about a hundred years ago. So, this is being played up as some kind of parting shot from a defeated loser from long ago. It’s tit for tat! It’s Bork’s Revenge! Or something.

Kagan is a shill’s shill when it comes to shilling for the establishment, and she therefore deserves to be rejected by the Senate with extreme prejudice. But, I can virtually guarantee you, dear reader, that Bork’s reason for opposing her will have nothing to do with any consistent or principled opposition to a massive overweening government. So, you can safely get back to ignoring Bork immediately.

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  • Helpful advice. I will treat Bork as an inkblot, one which no amount of deciphering can interpret correctly. That whereof we cannot speak we must remain silent.