Who Says TSA Can’t Take a Joke?

Just when you thought the whole scene at airport insecurity couldn’t get any more surreal, this just in.  A TSA supervisor was beaten up by one of his colleagues.  Writes Scott Carmichael on Gadling.com:

During a training session at Miami International Airport, a TSA supervisor joked about the size of the manhood of one of his colleagues who had just stepped into the machine. The supervisor was operating the equipment when he made the remark – so his joke could have been based on facts.

Later that day:

Rolando Negrin couldn’t appreciate the jokes about his genitalia, so at the end of his shift, he used a police baton to beat up the supervisor in an airport parking garage.

One could easily find this episode filed under the heading, “Stuff Somebody Said About the TSA that Can’t Be True!” I admit that even I couldn’t believe it until I followed the link to TSA’s own blog for confirmation.  (Wait.  TSA has a blog?  WTH?)

I won’t make any further editorial comments.  Sometimes a story speaks for itself.  The next time you’re in line wondering why you have to throw that perfectly-sweetened latte in the trash, think about the guy manning the video screen beating the crap out of his boss.  That should be good for a couple laughs.

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