New Libertarian Papers Editor and Articles

I established the journal Libertarian Papers three years ago, in Jan. 2009.1 Over this time we published 127 articles and kept improving, expanding our editorial board and innovating–from volunteer narrations to print-on-demand and ebook versions.2 As I noted recently, Matthew McCaffrey, previously the Managing Editor, has agreed to serve as the journal’s Editor starting with Vol. 4 (2012). I’ll serve as Executive Editor.3

Matt has announced a few changes:

There have been some recent alterations to the Libertarian Papers website which may be of interest to readers and authors. Below are listed some of the most significant changes:

1) Although articles will continue to be published as soon as they complete the peer-review process, issue  numbers and continuous page references are being added for each new volume, starting with volume 4. Consequently, the citation style for volumes 4 onward conforms to standard journal format. Information on old and new citations is available on the web pages of the different volumes, as well as those of individual articles.

2) The guidelines for manuscript submission have been updated and clarified.

3) The “About” page has been revised to include an “Aims and Scope” section.

 And the first four articles for 2012 have just been published:

1. “The Role of Work: A Eudaimonistic Perspective”, by Michael F. Reber

2. “The Internal Contradictions of Recognition Theory”, by Nahshon Perez

3. “Norms and the NAP”, by Kris Borer

4. “Recompense for Fear: Is Forced Russian Roulette Just?”, by David B. Robins

  1. Welcome to Libertarian Papers! 

  2. Libertarian Papers at Six Months; Libertarian Papers: Fifteen Minutes that Changed Libertarian Publishing; Libertarian Papers, Vols. 1 and 2, Now Available in Print and Ebook 

  3. Matt McCaffrey Named Editor of Libertarian Papers