Michelle Bachmann, Tax Thug

I despise all the Republican candidates for President, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson excepted, but including Michele Bachmann, the fake conservative. I am continually amazed the so-called “conservatives” and “Tea Party” types think she is praiseworthy at all.

What is most annoying about her is that she continually refers to herself as a “federal tax litigation attorney”. This is annoying on so many levels.  First, it’s an attempt to credentialize, to show she’s smart or deserves limited government credibility of bona fides because of this.

Second, I have never heard this kind of description in my entire 20 years of practicing law, many at large law firms. No one calls themselves a “federal tax litigation attorney.” Tax lawyer, maybe. Litigator. But “federal tax litigation attorney”? She sounds like a rube.

But this is a ruse. It’s just an intentionally ambiguous, made-up job description designed to sound impressive while hiding the fact that she worked for the IRS. Yes, she was an IRS tax goon. As noted here:

You’ll never guess what Michele Bachmann, the rabble-rousing, tax-reviling, government-bashing idol of America’s tea party movement, used to do for a living. Sue tax scofflaws for the Internal Revenue Service.

As she flexes her credentials as a Republican presidential candidate in a field of former governors and corporate executives, Bachmann is more likely to describe herself as a “former federal tax litigation attorney” — as she did in her first nationally televised debate — than as a three-term member of Congress. But she rarely, if ever, mentions the one and only employer of her legal services: the U.S. Department of Treasury.

When the revolution comes, this fake, stupid, lying, dishonest, statist, sociopathic socialist poseur will have a lot of crimes to answer for.

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