Comments on: Important question: What would Pericles think of Obamacare? Property - Prosperity - Peace Mon, 13 Oct 2014 17:59:24 +0000 hourly 1 By: Citogal Tue, 13 Aug 2013 23:40:55 +0000 Morris went on to criticize the American people, who he said “are insensitive to foreign sensibilities, who are lazy, obese, complacent and increasingly perplexed as to why we are losing our place in the world to people who are more dynamic than us and more disciplined.”

He’s not wrong, just unabashedly honest, like Dr. Gregory House – no holds barred, take no prisoners. We can’t even show our own neighbors courtesy in the cinema by not yakking thru a movie, of course we have no real idea why we are losing traction as a world power.

Discipline has really gone by the wayside. I remember my 4th/5th-grade teacher, far from being a Spartan or British Imperialist, he was a former US military man who believed in discipline and a well-regulated classroom. The school was experimental, so divided into traditional classrooms vs. “open concept/independent study” schooling. He might have been strict, but his content was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. At age 8, I was introduced to the Dow Jones, higher mathematics, geology, geography, agriculture, the importance of spelling and grammar and being organized, and many other subjects. Lessons were not just academic, our routine field trips into actual fields to collect plant samples and tadpoles and just spend time outside while we were small was a huge lesson. When I first learned I would be in his class, I was terrified by the rumors of his harshness; when he retired at the end of my 5th grade, even at age 10 I knew the teaching world really lost something. To this day I am grateful for Joseph Raymond Johnson and the lessons I learned.